The StreamModel class is the base class in scikit-multiflow. It contains the following abstract methods:

  • fit – Trains a model in a batch fashion. Works as a an interface to batch methods that implement a fit() functions such as scikit-learn methods.

  • partial_fit – Incrementally trains a stream model.

  • predict – Predicts the target’s value in supervised learning methods.

  • predict_proba – Calculates the probability of a sample pertaining to a given class in classification problems.

An StreamModel object interacts with two other objects: a Stream object and (optionally) an StreamEvaluator object. The Stream object provides a continuous flow of data on request. The StreamEvaluator performs multiple tasks: query the stream for data, train and test the model on the incoming data and continuously tracks the model’s performance.

Following, is the sequence to train a Stream Model and track performance in scikit-multiflow using the Prequential evaluator.

prequential evaluation sequence